The New Dawn Revolution overthrew the Clorencian Empire in 0 NDE, creating the Great Republic of Roumion.

It has been two hundred and seven years since the New Dawn Revolution destroyed the decadent and corrupt Clorencian Empire. As the last vestiges of the crumbling Empire were thrown into the fire, the great est mind s of the world converged on Clorencia to form a new nation. Reason science and brotherhood were the order of the day, and this egalitarian mindset brought rise to the Great Republic of Roumion.

Just as the corrupt noble s were driven from the land, the old ideas were purged from the world. Old customs, superstitions and lies were cleared awa y to make room for new truths. The old government, with it's antiquated notions of divine right sheltering debased nobility, was cast aside in favor of a democracy that allowed the voice of the people to be heard. The Clorencian calendar, with it's days and months named for pagan entities , was rewritten to commemorate the ideas of truth, reason and wisdom. The first day of the New Dawn Revolution was marked as not only the start of the year, but also the first day of a new age.

From "Modern History for students, vol. 1." - Elegil Hamod, professor at the University of Clorencia, 207 N.D.