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Raymond is the Lead Goalie on the Clorencia University Fighting Revolutionaires. He’s also one of the more adventurous students on campus. He’s majoring in Unusual Biology, and has tagged along on one or more “collecting” forays that the Department of Unusual Biology has funded.

As the Basherdash lead goalie for the Fighting Revolutionaires, he has wracked an impressive record. He has blocked an amazing 200 scoring attempts in the last season, and assisted in 26 goals with the team's Forward Rushers, Keil Richardsen (15 assists) and Dale Bullock (9 assists).

He was born on 6th level of Clorencia City and was always exploring the levels of the city, looking for odd creatures and bits of tech. He’s in his last year of the graduate program, and plans to apply to the University for a teaching position after graduation.

That is, if he survives Dr. Ludgrove’s final exam.

Savage Worlds StatsEdit


Agility d8
Smarts d8
Spirit d6
Strength d6
Vigor d6


Fighting d6
Guts d6
Intimidation d4
Knowledge (Biology) d6
Notice d6
Shooting d6
Taunt d4
Throwing d6
Weird Science d4

Parry: 5 Toughness: 5 (7) Pace: 6 Charisma: 0

Hindrances: Code of Honor, Curious, Loyal, Obsession (fame)

Edges: Acrobat, Danger Sense, Weird Science

Gear: The Etheric Deflector (Str+d4, +1 Parry, +1 Reach), heavy pistol (2d6+1 dmg. Range 6/12/24), modified Basherdash goalie armor (+2 toughness), notebook, knife (Str+d4).

Devices: The Etheric Deflector - Raymond modified his original double ended Basherdash goalie bat to produce an etheric shield that can deflect most missile weapons.

Special Attacks: Etheric Deflector (The Etheric Deflector must be activated and then spun by the wielder. For Raymond, this is no problem. He does this all the time on the Basherdash pitch, one handed. For other players, they must make an Agility test every 3 rounds to keep the shield functional. On a success, attackers receive a -2 to their attacks. On a raise, this increases to a -4. However, the shield is directional, the wielder must state which way it is facing to gain its protection.

In addition, when the Etheric Deflector is activated, the wielder gains a +3 to their Parry when in close combat. They also can deflect ranged weapons and hurl them back instantly. Deflecting a thrown projectile such as a rock or spear requires an Agility roll. Arrows and other muscle-powered projectiles require an Agility roll at –2, and deflecting a single bullet is an Agility roll at –4.

Throwing it back is a normal Throwing roll with a range of 3/6/12. Thrown weapons such as spears cause their normal damage. Bullets, arrows, and the like cause Strength damage. This throwing roll is a free action.)