Private Stevens

Private Stevens is a beat cop of the 12 district of the 5th level of Clorencia. District 5-12 encompasses the Bronze Gardens as well as the Rookery, among various other blocks. This far down in the city, life is hard, and crime only gets worse as the city keeps building up. Private Stevens is a 9 to 5 cop, vigilant against the crime of the city and loves a good spot of coffee. On most days, its domestic disturbance and doing security for the factories. On some it's more exciting. Stevens doesn't care for the exciting stuff, looking to get by on routine paperwork and keeping order in the city. When matters turn for the worse, his rifle and revolver end matters efficiently and effectively. Far be it from Stevens to let some punk put a damper on his pension. He has aspirations for a desk job or a job in Investigations, but for now is happy to walk the beat and help the citizens.

Game Mechanics Edit

Private Stevens (NPC Mook)


Agility-d6, Smarts-d6, Spirit-d6, Strength-d6, Vigor-d6


Fighting-d6, Guts-d6, Investigation-d6, Notice-d6, Shooting-d6, Streetwise-d6

Others skills as needed by GM

Trivia and Rumors

Private Stevens is the first fan cameo in the Clockworks Comic. It is a cameo of J. Beatnik, a long time reader and #1 fan of Oliver Whitfield

It is rumored that Private Stevens first name is either Steve or Shawn.

It is a long running joke among Shawn Gaston and friends that random NPCs be named "Steve", so Private Stevens being the first random NPC the heroes met, he inevitably was named Steve. (and this the conjecture for his first name possibly being Steve as well.)