Klaudius first appeared in 0014: Assignation revealing only some sort of clawed, mechanical hand. He reappeared in 0043: Voyeur and 0044: Rotary after the heroes defeated the clockbot attacking Gareth Tyran, and eluded capture in a steamcopter with insectile landing gear.  Klaudius sports an ether eye patch over his right eye, a steam-powered mechanical left arm, and a wooden staff.  Thorton Nickelby's arrow broke upon impact, indicating that MV#1 wears armor of some sort under his clothing. However, in 0089: Parley Oliver renders Klaudius's left arm inoperable with his shotgun, indicating that his armor is not impenetrable.

Originally only known as Mysterious Villain #1 or the Clockwork Arm Man, Klaudius's name was not discovered until 0092: Statrum.

Klaudius has numerous resources and skills at his disposal. In 0044: Rotary, he escapes in a personal steamcopter. He may or may not be responsible for the spybot that Thorton investigates in 0068: Sentry which self-destructs explosively in the next episode. He constructs an army of clockbots from scrap pieces (dubbed "junkbots ") in 0072: Ternion to wrest the MBMO from Gareth. He also has an etheric eye patch that warns him of imminent danger, such as when Thorton is about to sneak up on him in 0084: Invoke.

In addition to substantial engineering skills, Klaudius is also a formidable earth elementalist. He can shoot deadly stone shards (0084: Invoke), traps Oliver, Ophelia, and Toby in an earthen prison (0088: Mantle), and travel through the earth (0090: Abscond).

The only failings that Klaudius demonstrates are an antiquated manner of speech (calling Tony a "churlish whelp!" in 0089: Parley) and a tendency to monologue, leaving him open to attack.

Klaudius is working for shadowy red-eyed figure, Mysterious Villain #3 .


Mysterious Villain

Rumors Edit

Some of the fans have rumored that this is a robotic mastermind behind Lukov Kilgore and Mysterious Villain #2.

"Once we get to the point where a certain mysterious villain shows up again, they’re going to be all over the place." - Shawn Gaston

Fans assume Mysterious Villain #1 is the reference of this quote, and speculation is that the villain is a mad scientist, tinker, or inventor of crazy steampunk devices. Edit: Yeah, that's who I was talking about, and yeah, clockbots out the wazoo. -Shawn

In 0048: Gareth's Tale pt. 3, the implication is that that MV#1 was responsible for sending Pouncy Bastard to buy the mysterious black metal object from Gareth, and failing that, sent the clockbot after Gareth.