Excerpt from "Modern History fo r Students, Vol. 1." - Elegil Hamod, professor at the University of Clorencia, 207 N.D.

Few nations of the world are as reviled as Kaul. Warm ongering and autocratic, Kaul is separated from Roumion only by the Khardian Straight. The Great Republic has had to defend its northwestern territories from the aggressions of Kaul many times in the past two centuries.

Kaul has a long, rugged coastline, and deep mountains. Many of its citizens make their living off mining, factory work and weapons manufacture. Kaul’s harsh conditions serve to breed a people without class, civility or respect.

The capital of Kaul is the city of Deglitch, but the most famous place in the realm is the town of Little Five Points. Little Five Points is a trade nexus and naval station; and a haven for criminals, mu rderers, fugitives and other unwanteds. Many wanted criminals flee Republican courts for Kaul and Little Five Points.

The present ruler of Kaul is King Baird II, a loud bear of a man who is lived a debauched youth and kept the friendship of many criminals, cutthroats and homosexuals. King Baird was third in line for the succession and had the crown thrust upon him after the deaths of his older brothers. He is known to be a ruthless autocrat, an alcoholic and a man who has murdered his own people. While Baird has made no overt moves against the Republic in his tenure, he has done nothing to smooth over relations with his neighbor to the east.