Ether was first discovered 32 years before the New Dawn Revolution and the founding of the Great Republic. Ether is an invisible gas found naturally in the air that has a number of unique properties. Ether Goggles cost about 150 Mk and allow users to see Ether as a smokey, bluegreyish haze. Ether can be extracted from the air via special machines and then compressed to an even form known as Condensed Ether. Naturally occurring Condensed Ether is occasionally found in underground veins, but 99% of the Condensed Ether used today is processed by machinery.

Condensed Ether is used to amplify output of almost any kind of energy, from kinetic force to steam power to sound waves. Condensed Ether is also the key to Elegromagnetic Gravitational Negativity, the key to airships and the Great Machine that’s allowed Clorencia City to grow to such heights.

Condensed Ether can be unstable, especially if combined with electricity. Ether amplifies the force of any malfunction of explosion in a device, often to spectacular results.