Dr Ludgrove
Head of the Department of Unusual Biology at Clorencia University, Dr. Lugrove is a sample character appearing in The Gentleman Caller scenario.

Dr. Ludgrove is an elderly man, of mixed Corani and Clorencian descent. He is the head of the University's Unusual Biology Department.

Dr. Ludgrove has spent the past 20 years traveling the world, tracking down strange and rare beasts, and bringing them back (alive or dead) to the University to study. He's most interested in classifying the strange creatures to be found in the wilds of Vheld, as well as attempting to determine their origins.

Dr. Ludgrove's arm was torn off by a beast in the southern swamps of Irone some years ago, and has been replaced by a clockwork arm of considerable strength.

Dr. Ludgrove has authored several books, including Urban Folklore of the Lower Classes.

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