The Wireless Telegraph transmits through specific frequencies of airborne ether, reliably sending data up to 500 miles away. Written text, pictures, and mechanical commands can easily be sent across wireless telegraphs. Etheric Scientists are still working to perfect the transmition of audio, although progress toward this goal is made every day.

The most common Wireless Telegraph machines are about 1.5′ by 2.5′, and about 1′ tall. (Roughly the size of a large suitcase, or an older desktop computer. If you go back to 0036 , that’s a wireless telegraph machine on Burgess’s wall.)

The other main system of communications in Clorencia City are the mail chutes, a vast series of pneumatic tubes crossing the city. At entry ports, users can program the chute to deliver a capsule to a certain address. On the lower levels, the mail chutes deliver only to Communication Offices, which also feature wireless telegraph services. On the upper levels, almost every home or office has their own port. Other cities across the Great Republic have adopted the chutes, but the system in Clorencia remains the largest and most intricate.

Difference Engines are common across the Great Republic. These computational engines range in size from a machine that could fill a closet or small room to the great military engines that fill entire warehouses. Any clockbot more complex than a Windup Cat is controlled via Wireless Telegraph by a remote difference engine.