Arthur Wellington was an anthropologist and explorer.

In 196 NDE, he organized an expedition to San Khotal, This expedition had unfortunate events after finding a hidden temple. Rumours said that the expedition was cursed since. Rumors or not, most of the members involved in the expedition died.

In 197 NDE he returned to his hometown from this expedition with a strange black metal object. Soon after, his wife and daughter fell ill and then died. After their deaths Wellington became reclusive, and rarely left his home. This was an odd behavoir, because Wellington was a kind and comunicative man. Meanwhile, rumours of what happened to the people involved in the expedition spreaded & reached Wellington's town. Then, his neighbors began falling ill. The town blamed Wellington, believing he brought back some sort of curse. When two of Wellington's neighbors died of the same mysterious illness, the town grew angry and violent. They formed an angry mob and stormed his house, demanding answers and justice. Wellington was wounded, but any wounds he recivied were instantly healed, and transfered to his atackers. The mob subdued him, and discovered that the black metal object was fused in to his body, where his heart should be. They quicky decided (or someone sugested) there was only one way to end whatever curse had Wellington brought back with him: removing the cursed object from Wellington's body. Wellington's home and coprse was burned to ashes. All Wellington's documents and notes wasn't found. The strange object didin't burn and disapeared mysteriously.

This is the only reference of Arthur Wellington. It can be found in a book stored in the Alistaire Menterosa Memorial Library. Toby Chapman found this information in 0059: Artifact